• Gary S

    Administrator and Securities Specialist

    Gary has 30 years in application securities and administration experience.

  • Dean C

    Dev Ops Developer

    Dean has 10 years in working with development & IT operations experience. He graduated in Computer Science from Toronto University.

  • Donna C

    Dev Ops Developer and Securities Specialist

    Donna has 7 years in building applications and securities experience.

  • Robert L

    Online Marketing Expert

    Robert is an expert in SEO, specializing in Wordpress sites. He is also certified in Google Adwords.

  • Kevin F

    Media Producer

    Kevin has more than 25 years in broadcast and communications industries experience.

  • Paul D

    Chief Architect and Scrum Master

    Tejinder has 15 years in Developing Software experience. He graduated in Computer Science from Ryerson University.

  • Hope V

    Creative Writer

    Hope has nearly 20 years in writing business content experience.