Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated development is perfect for growth, balance and personal accountability. The closer you work together, the better the product matches your business goals and less monitoring you need to do. Of course, you will be involved in every step of the development process, however, you will have the peace of mind that you don’t have to look over anyone’s shoulder. Your custom-built, dedicated developed team comprising of engineers, developers, programmers and testers will provide the knowledge and skills you need to deliver the right digital experience you and your customers seek.

Softbase has been providing customized software development, dependable undertaking administration, Agile Coaching & Training, and devoted software development teams services-to fit customers' necessities and spending plans.

Devoted software designers, developers, examiners, and programming analyzers offer on-interest software development skill for a level, moderate rate to make custom applications for business interchanges, business administration, effectiveness, and customer interaction.

When you are running a development project with a tight deadline and your in-house team cannot meet it without additional help, or you simply do not have the right expertise and skill-set on board, you have a serious problem at hand. Would you start recruiting and purchasing additional equipment to accommodate the new team or risk hiring a temporary contractor who may turn out to be a liability? The best thing to do is call Softbase and have a dedicated development team take charge of your project.

SoftBase Dedicated Development Teams

At Softbase, we offer a flexible, transparent and easily scalable approach to expand your development team and deal with more projects-the model we call Dedicated Development Team. This team can either be an integrated extension of your in-house development team or an independent unit dedicated to a specific project in non-core or new area for you.

Our dedicated development teams deliver when the in-house solutions do not work for your unique business needs. Softbase’s dedicated development teams have years of experience and proven track record of successfully completing sophisticated software, mobile, web, and custom development projects within budget and on time. Our teams excel in developing and managing mission critical applications and other essential software and web solutions.

Our clients include technology managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders who seek technical expertise and a proven ability to develop high quality custom applications to achieve business goals. Dedicated developments teams at Softbase include programmers, architects, developers, testers, developers and other technical professionals who can work for your company.

Why Choose Softbase Dedicated Development Team

  • Experience and expertise

    We take utmost care when choose professionals to be on our team. We look for the perfect blend of experience, expertise, motivation and passion. These individuals can be an asset to any project.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    You can change the profile and team size if necessary depending on the project requirements

  • Cost effectiveness

    A dedicated development team would not only save you the cost of hired manpower, but also overhead costs, equipment rent and maintenance and office costs.

  • Transparency and control

    Each member of the dedicated development team reports to you and is managed by you.

  • Business seamlessness

    The members of the dedicated development team would be constantly in close communication with your own staff and follow your development methodology and share collaborative work tools.

Dedicated development teams are best suited for

  • those who have an existing development process and procedures in place
  • those have their own development team
  • those who prioritise flexibility in adjusting the development team without the hassle of managing regular employee issues
  • those who prefer having an adaptable development model
  • those who possess experience collaborating with software development teams