We don't feel secure deploying to Mobile App?

Softbase addresses your security and privacy requirements by building mobile apps to withstand the attacks and probes likely to be encountered when the software is in production on the internet. Our mobile apps are ‘rugged’ and helps our clients reduce disruption and downtime because the software is built to in a way that it can withstand a variety of attacks. Our mobile apps are developed by secure developers, who have been training in a culture that builds resilient software for the clients. We make sure our developers go through a series of training exercises to building the foundations of building secure code.

At Softbase, we design mobile apps that take security and privacy requirements as baseline design factors from ground up. We conduct threat modeling and other safety checks on our mobile applications before we build a line of code so as to avoid the most serious security vulnerabilities.

Creating a Mobile App across all platforms e.g. IPhone, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry can be very expensive?

Before you consider the costs associated with creating a mobile app across all platforms such as iphone, Android and Windows, it is important that you understand the relevance of doing it. Having an app for only one platform is like turning away millions of users who use other platforms. You lose out on a huge percentage of prospective users, so having a mobile app across all platforms is essential. Coming to the cost of it, you will be surprised how benefits weigh against the cost. Softbase offers affordable mobile app development solution to suit all budget sizes.

Our Application does not support Mobile Platform?

At Softbase, we understand that mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we share, buy, search, collaborate and learn. So, it is important that your application supports mobile platforms, and is accessible across different devices. If your application does not support mobile platform, all you need to do is get in touch with our mobile app development team to get your application mobile ready. Remember, if your app is not accessible on mobile, you are losing out on a world of opportunities.

Can maintenance be too costly?

With the increase in the number of mobile apps the corresponding increase in the number of technology updates and number of bugs, regular mobile application maintenance becomes indispensable. Softbase has a competent team that effectively utilizes our superior infrastructure to offer top notch mobile application maintenance service. Again, the cost depends on a variety of factors, but you can stay assured that with SoftBase you will get best-in-class maintenance at industry leading prices.

We have to do more testing?

We all know that mobile app testing is complex, and there are numerous platforms and operating systems, numerous devices, numerous network connection and carriers, and a variety of testing scenarios. You need to test across several permutations and combinations to reach the zero-defect state. At Softbase, we do not expect our clients to do any of this. We provide the app after thorough testing and it is deployment-ready.


We practice a very simple approach - doing our best to satisfy our Customer with the results of collaboration.