Technology Giant Apple Unveils New Changes to Old Products

The time of year rolled around again yesterday that had Apple fans and technology experts alike all waiting on the edge of their seats. The annual Apple event took place and they were at it again with many new innovations, upgrades, and new products for people all over the globe to look forward to. So what exactly did they unveil this year, and just what does that really mean for their future?

As with most Apple events, the unveiling of a new iPhone was expected. Last year they released the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus, taking over the iPhone 5 models. This year’s iPhone is the 6S and 6S plus. Essentially, they have taken a few things and tweaked them from the previous model. The newest iPhone will integrate a new 3D Touch technology which enables new gestures within the phone, such as holding an app icon for shortcut to various actions. It also will have a “Hey Siri” feature which means you can simply talk to Siri without holding the home button. There is also a new rose gold color that will be available.

iPad users will be interested to know that the new iPad Pro will soon be available for purchase. With a slightly larger screen that is geared for more entertainment and gaming options, it measures in at almost 13 inches total. It will also feature a new full size software keyboard that allows for better and easier typing for emails or anything else. And if you hate using the touch screen for any reason, don’t worry because they have a new stylus called the Apple Pencil for use with select Apple apps.

While the new event always draws a crowd, something remains to be seen. Just what else can Apple come up with before they have hit a wall? For instance, their new iPad Pro was done already by Microsoft, including the keyboard. Also, there have been many streaming companies such as Google who have a voice controlled remote and TV, which is something that Apple is also launching.

The problem is; is Apple stuck in a place where they can no longer make new products? Has it come down to them just continuously upgrading their own inventions until there is nothing left to do? What will be interesting to see now, is how their competitors take these newest innovations and change them, or advance them once again. It could very well be that there is simply nothing new to come out with anymore. The futures remains to be seen.

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