Changing business environments, complex technologies and seamless system integrations and alignment are the key challenges faced by organisations on the path to growth. Our integration services can help businesses realise an IT architecture that is capable of achieving real time process integration between its different applications, while allowing end-to-end automated business processes.


With our website integration services, we endeavor to connect disparate and isolated software systems critical to the operation of your business to your website to enable exchange and synchronization of data. We understand that you have invested significant resources on your software applications and business process and each of these help run your business successfully and produces a positive customer experience. Our website integration services brings your website in from the cold and collects it to the other systems that automates and streamlines various tasks.


With more and more enterprises transitioning towards cloud hosted applications, integrating these applications with the existing on-premises applications or other cloud applications has become a huge concern. Softbase provides businesses with a variety of solutions from point to point cloud integrations to real time integrations. Our integrations services provides connectivity of on-premises applications with cloud, cloud applications with other cloud applications and data exchange considering B2B scenario.

Content management
system (CMS)

Today, when everything is based on technological innovation, the content management systems are also changing rapidly. They have become multi-dimensional and complex. Organizations need strong tools of writing and publishing to integrate it with CMS. SoftBase offers CMS integrations services that let you publish information on your site and edit and modify the content using a single, centralized interface. We offer comprehensive solution that helps manage and communicate between cloud services and put them in sync on a single platform.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Our CRM integration enabled your CRM and website to function together seamlessly. Basically, rather than just using your CRM just as a system that retains customer information based on manual entries, we promote your CRM to work double time, bringing in customer lead data directly into your CRM based on the information already available on your website.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP systems can accumulate due to regional or divisional independence or as a result of M&A activity. Some organizations end up with multiple instances of same ERP, and some others end up with different ERPs systems. This creates a challenge when it comes to unifying fractures spend data and providing a consistent user experience. This is where our integration services come to your rescue.